Behavioral Modeling and Impairments Compensation of Broadband Transmitters for LTE-Advanced Applications

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LTE-advanced standard sets stringent linearity requirements on the radio front-end of the wireless transmitter and especially its power amplifier. This is mainly due to the broad bandwidth of the used signals that varies between 40MHz and 100MHz when carrier aggregation is employed. The observed nonlinear behavior of power amplifier stimulates extensive behavioral modeling and predistortion based impairment compensation research work. However, due to the broad bandwidths, conventional characterization and modeling approaches based on standard test equipment based measurements cannot support such bandwidths. The objective of this project is to develop advanced technique for the characterization and impairment compensation of power amplifiers driven by LTE-advanced signals. This will be achieved by proposing a digital signal processing based approach to circumvent the bandwidth limitation of the receivers used for the characterization and predistortion of power amplifiers. LTE-advanced test signals will be generated and applied for the characterization of a state of the art broadband amplifier such as class J. The results will be used to build accurate behavioral models of the device under test as well as appropriate predistortion algorithms that can compensate for the nonlinearity exhibited by the power amplifier. The objectives of this project are: 1. Generate realistic LTE-advanced low PAPR waveforms with bandwidths up to 100MHz and various carrier configurations. 2. Propose an approach for performing broadband RF power amplifiers’ characterization using LTE-advanced signals. 3. Accurate behavioral modeling of RF power amplifiers driven by LTE-advanced signals. 4. Impairments compensation of RF power amplifiers driven LTE-advanced signals.
PeriodSep 2012Aug 2014
Held atKing Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia


  • RF Engineering
  • Power Amplifiers