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BGER ACTlab - DPRI: dynamically substructured system testing of base isolation bearings (UK)

A series of engagements took place between ACTLab (Prof Stoten, Dr Enokida, Mr Toshiaki Hatano) and members of Kyoto University's Disaster Prevention Research Institute. Following an initial scoping workshop in September 2012 further work by Dr Enokida was presented in November on scoping dynamically substructured system testing of base isolation bearings. By March 13 plans for a major research proposal bid led by Prof Stoten was agreed, which will encompass future DSS research, together with on-line system identification of non-linear dynamics and on-line health monitoring of critical parameters and components. Additionally this partnership has led to a) support for the Kyoto-JSPS Research Fellow, Dr Enokida, who will now be working in ACTLab for a period of 18 months and b) Kyoto will be planning to send other researchers to ACTLab.
Period1 Apr 201231 Mar 2013
Visiting fromKyoto University (Japan)