Gabor Orosz

Szalai, R. (Host)

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesHosting an academic visitor


BGER - Inhomogeneities and time delays in complex networks (UK)

Two visits took place. Gabor Orosz 0f University of Michigan Visited Bristol between the 14th and the 18th of January. I visited Ann Arbor between the 26th January and 8th February. The activity focussed on the analysis of delay coupled networks with heterogeneous delay times. We did a theoretical analysis of the problem. In particular we looked at how such a network can be decomposed into node-size equations that represent individual dynamical modes of the network. We can up with a strategy that can apply to various systems, such as neural networks, gene regulatory networks and traffic dynamics.
Period14 Jan 201318 Jan 2013
Visiting fromUniversity of Michigan (United States)
Visitor degreeuniversity of michigan