Is there a doctor in the house?: Doctoral studies for Professional Services Staff, is it for you?

Activity: Talk or presentation typesPublic talk, debate, discussion


Is a doctorate just for those in academia, or should professional staff also dive into research? And if so …

– How much time does it really take?
– Can you manage it with a full-time job and full-time life?
– What kind of topics can you explore?
– And most importantly, is the effort and time worth the outcome?

We share our personal stories of doctoral studies and aim to address these questions. In this session, each of us shares our personal research journeys, discussing how we balance research with our jobs and day to day lives. We will also include insights from peers in the sector who are undertaking or have completed their doctoral studies, sharing some of their own experiences.

Beyond these practical questions, we will also share our “why” of doing doctoral studies. How it has helped us to engage beyond our own specialisms and engage with the wider HE community, to see how our seemingly small areas of interest impact the bigger picture, and how we adapt to the ever changing political and cultural landscape. 

We’ll wrap up with a Q&A session, giving you a chance to see if this might be a journey you’d want to take.
Period25 Mar 2024
Held atAssociation of Higher Education Professionals (AHEP), United Kingdom