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The ISF funding ran from Dec 2018 to July 31st 2019.

In December 2018 I visited the labs of Profs. Steven Bartlett and Bill Green at MIT and Frank Keutsch at Harvard. We discussed the use of biofuels, their potential products and how we might incorporate these into our atmospheric model. We are now in the process of including biofuel type species in our model and early integrations suggest that some biofuels may be problematic at high altitudes but better for low altitude flying. ISF funding paid for this visit.

In March 2019, we met with the Chulabhorn Research Institute and the Thai Pollution Control Dept. to discuss air quality and biofuel use. This meeting was in part funded by GCRF monies and my visit was funded by the British Council under their 4.0 Scheme. Whilst in Thailand I gave several talks on biofuels sponsored by the British Council. The PCD wanted to work with us on modelling of air pollution and have given us a large dataset of air pollution data. We have secured funding for a project with these Thai collaborators via Children with Cancer that will start in November 2019.

My senior postdoc Dr. Anwar Khan visited NASA JPL in April to work with them and the Sandia National Lab. to develop our regional air pollution further and we now have access to satellite data as well. This was funded by ISF.

We are in discussions with Airbus who invited me to give an X talk in Toulouse and they are interested in our work on Future Fuels.

We have now published a paper on the regional air quality model and will be publishing papers on ethanol and butanol chemistry and their impacts on the atmosphere.

We have given numerous talks to schools and the public re biofuels and in particular we were invited keynotes at the Primary Science Teaching Trust's second International Conference for Primary Science, in addition to talks in Thailand.


We have developed strong partnerships with a number of leading groups and are developing our model capability considerably. We have secured some future funding already and plan to bid for GCRF and UKRI monies in the next year. We will be publishing a number of papers in the next year. From our perspective the ISF has been a great success.
Period1 Dec 201831 Jul 2019
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