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Leonards, U. B. (Visitor)

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesVisiting an external academic institution


Bristol – Kyoto Collaboration Experimental Psychology

Throughout 2013-14 a range of research visits and joint scientific meetings enabled a series of collaborative projects to be pursued by staff and students at Bristol and Kyoto University. The relationships will continue through the ongoing publication of joint outputs, postdocs, sharing of equipment and expertise, joint meetings and grant applications. Project 1: Nick Scott-Samuel with Hiroshi Ashida Low-level visual motion processing, Rotating Snake Illusion, The neural mechanisms of camouflage Project 2: Simon Farrell, Chris Jarrold with Satoru Saito Response set switching Project 3: Ute Leonards with Hiroshi Ashida Cultural influences on gaze following in human-human and human-robot interaction
PeriodAug 2013Jul 2014
VisitingKyoto University