Kyushu University,

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesVisiting an external academic institution


Novel Cellulose-Based Composites Using Water-Based Processing

This is a preliminary visit to scope and plan a feasibility study, to lead to a significant research activity (through joint funding with a UK-Japan bid). For instance EPSRC have a joint core-to-core programme with JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science). This bid would develop ideas around the sustainable processing of cellulose nanofibres into hierarchical composites using water driven assembly. Kyushu has developed a process for the production of nanocellulose fibres using only water. EPSRC funded research within Eichhorn’s group is already using other forms of nanocellulose to make into products (fibres, composites). The immediate follow up to this activity will be to use the small scale aqueous counter collision equipment to generate a range of materials that can be fed into the production of gels for fibre and composite formation. This will take place through student exchange, and a longer term collaboration via a funding application to the research council (JSPS/EPSRC). The visit will take place before the end of January 2019. A contribution of £300 from existing research funding will be forthcoming.
Period14 Jan 201918 Jan 2019
VisitingKyushu University
Degree of RecognitionInternational