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  • Alberto Peruzzo (Visitor)

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BGER Quantum Simulators of Quantum Effects in Biological Systems

The initial stages of photosynthesis, where light energy is captured and converted into electrochemical forms, are some of the most rapid and efficient in biology. We have yet to understand many of the details of the key processes in this part of photosynthesis, and in recent years there has been growing evidence that quantum mechanical effects are important for describing them accurately. The project aim to develop new generation quantum simulators to study quantum effects in biological systems and quantum transport phenomena. We combine novel theoretical results, developed by world-class expert Dr Mohan Sarovar and his team at Sandia National Labs (USA) with state of the art photonic quantum simulators, systems that Peruzzo has pioneered at Centre for Quantum Photonics (Bristol).
Period10 Feb 201317 Feb 2013
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