University of São Paulo

  • Audrys G Pauza (Visiting researcher)
  • Alex Paterson (Visiting researcher)

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesVisiting an external academic institution


Our BHF-funded project involves extracting RNA from human carotid body (CB) samples for subsequent transcriptomic analysis. We visited Ribeirão Preto Medical School to be involved in the sample collection and processing steps. During the visit, we performed initial RNA extractions from human CB samples. This has proved to be incredibly productive and provided insight about the RNA quantity and quality that we are able to obtain from human cadaver material. Obtained information not only provided further direction but also allowed to discuss and validate sample collection/processing protocols with our collaborators in Ribeirão Preto, establishing connections and assuring successful sample collection in the future.
Furthermore, during the course of the visit we been trained to dissect CBs from animal models (WKY and SHR rats). We were able to collect bilateral CB and Superior Cervical Ganglion (SCG) samples from 20 adult SHR, 20 adult WKY, 15 juvenile SHR, 10 juvenile WKY rats. These and human RNA samples was shipped to the UK for further development of the project.
Period2 Jul 201824 Jul 2018
VisitingUniversity of São Paulo
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • hypertension
  • training
  • carotid body
  • RNA
  • transcriptomics