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Bare-Earth SRTM

Paiva, R. (Creator), O'Loughlin, F. (Creator), Durand, M. (Contributor), Alsdorf, D. (Contributor), Bates, P. D. (Contributor) & Bates, P. D. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 19 Mar 2015


Photodissociation of Methimazole

Ashfold, M. N. R. (Creator), Karsili, T. (Creator), Cooper, G. (Creator) & Hansen, C. (Creator), University of Bristol, 19 Nov 2018



Katsenou, A. (Creator), Ma, D. (Creator), Dimitrov, G. (Creator) & Bull, D. R. (Creator), University of Bristol, 16 Aug 2019


Data from 'Planktic foraminiferal test size and weight response to the late Pliocene environment'

Todd, C. L. (Creator), Schmidt, D. N. (Creator), Robinson, M. M. (Creator), Schepper, S. D. (Creator) & Schmidt, D. N. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 20 Dec 2019



Orr-Ewing, A. J. (Creator), Ashfold, M. N. R. (Creator), Grubb, M. (Creator) & Orr-Ewing, A. J. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 27 Apr 2016


Interaction of inter- and intralaminar damage in scaled quasistatic indentation tests: X-ray CT-scan Images

Sun, X. C. (Creator), Hallett, S. R. (Creator), Abisset, E. (Contributor), Daghia, F. (Contributor), Mahadik, Y. (Contributor) & Wisnom, M. R. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 30 Sep 2015


Sub-shot-noise transmission measurement enabled by active feed-forward of heralded single photons

Matthews, J. C. F. (Creator), Moreau, P. (Contributor), Rarity, J. G. (Contributor), Joshi, S. K. (Contributor), Sabines Chesterking, J. J. (Contributor), Birchall, P. M. (Contributor), Cable, H. V. (Contributor), Mcmillan, A. R. (Contributor), O'Brien, J. L. (Contributor), Matthews, J. C. F. (Contributor) & Whittaker, R. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 30 May 2017