2-bromothiophene PImMS [UPDATED VERSION AVAILABLE AT 10.5523/bris.k35bi3pqsdbh2b5moo2e3puxf]



This dataset has been superseded. Updated version available at DOI: 10.5523/bris.k35bi3pqsdbh2b5moo2e3puxf.

Results from Bristol experiments on universal ionization detection following UV photolysis of 2-bromothiophene
Date made available6 Mar 2017
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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Ingle, R. (Creator), Hansen, C. (Creator), Ashfold, M. (Creator) (6 Mar 2017). 2-bromothiophene PImMS [UPDATED VERSION AVAILABLE AT 10.5523/bris.k35bi3pqsdbh2b5moo2e3puxf]. University of Bristol. 10.5523/bris.34ngiynqy1ugx22ps7r7qwazqz