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The early Cambrian fossil embryo Pseudooides is a direct developing cnidarian, not an early ecdysozoan.

Duan, B. (Creator), Dong, X. (Creator), Porras, L. (Creator), Vargas, K. (Creator), Cunningham, J. A. (Creator) & Donoghue , P. C. J. (Creator), University of Bristol, 10 Oct 2017


VIL: HomTex

Katsenou, A. (Creator), Afonso, M. (Creator), Bull, D. R. (Creator) & Papadopoulos, M. A. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 6 Jul 2016


BUG wing FEM models

Stodieck, O. (Creator) & Cooper, J. E. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 5 Apr 2018



Andrew, W. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Hannuna, S. L. (Contributor) & Campbell, N. W. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 10 Oct 2017


Project Feature Matrix

Hicks, B. J. (Creator), Snider, C. M. (Creator), Freeman Gebler, O. C. (Creator), Gopsill, J. A. (Creator), Goudswaard, M. A. (Creator), Jones, D. E. (Creator), Boa, D. (Creator), Nassehi, A. (Creator), Mathias, D. (Creator), Bennett, P. D. (Creator) & McAlpine, H. (Creator), University of Bristol, 24 Apr 2017


Supplementary files for the rotational analysis of the 2nu5 band of formaldehyde

Barry, H. (Creator), Ritchie, G. (Creator), Hancock, G. (Creator), Western, C. M. (Creator), Saha, S. (Creator) & Oxford, U. O. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 9 May 2014



Novelli, V. (Creator), De Risi, R. (Creator), Ngoma, I. (Creator), Kafodya, I. (Creator) & Macdonald, J. H. G. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 24 Apr 2019


Data from Yin et al. (2019) The early Ediacaran Caveasphaera foreshadows the evolutionary origin of animal-like embryology. Current Biology

Donoghue , P. C. J. (Creator), Vargas, K. (Creator), Cunningham, J. (Creator), Bengtson, S. (Creator), Zhu, M. (Creator) & Welford, F. M. (Creator), University of Bristol, 23 Oct 2019