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Data from Blackwell et al. - Newly discovered tilapia cichlid fish biodiversity threatened by hybridization with non-native species

Genner, M. J. (Contributor), Blackwell, T. (Creator), Ford, A. (Creator), Ciezarek, A. (Creator), Bradbeer, S. (Creator), Juarez, C. G. (Creator), Ngatunga, B. (Creator), Shechonge, A. (Creator), Tamatamah, R. (Creator), Etherington, G. (Creator), Haerty, W. (Creator), Palma, F. D. (Creator) & Turner, G. (Creator), University of Bristol, 11 Feb 2020


High rate mixed mode testing of z-pinned composites

Hallett, S. R. (Creator), Cui, H. (Creator), Yasaee, M. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Allegri, G. (Creator) & Petrinic, N. (Creator), University of Bristol, 7 Dec 2017


Experimental demonstration of a measurement-based realisation of a quantum channel

McCutcheon, W. (Contributor), Mcmillan, A. R. (Contributor), Rarity, J. G. (Contributor), Tame, M. S. (Contributor) & Rarity, J. G. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 13 Feb 2018



Novelli, V. (Creator), De Risi, R. (Creator), Ngoma, I. (Creator), Kafodya, I. (Creator) & Macdonald, J. H. G. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 24 Apr 2019