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Visual Perceptual Grouping: Impact on Walking

Redmill, D. (Creator), Burn, J. (Creator), Ludwig, C. J. H. (Creator), Leonards, U. B. (Creator), Goodwin, C. (Contributor) & Fennell, J. G. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 9 May 2015


Water-in-water emulsions

Ganley, W. (Creator), Ryan, P. (Creator) & Duijneveldt, J. V. (Creator), University of Bristol, 25 Apr 2017


Z:\Imaging (pdissn)\2-iodothiophene and 2-bromothiophene

Marchetti, B. (Creator), Karsili, T. (Creator), Ashfold, M. N. R. (Creator) & Ashfold, M. N. R. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 19 May 2015


Z-pin high rate mode I and II experiments

Allegri, G. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Hallett, S. R. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Yasaee, M. (Creator), Cui, H. (Creator) & Pellegrino, A. (Creator), University of Bristol, 20 Apr 2017