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Cell paintballing using optically targeted coacervate microdroplets

Armstrong, J. (Creator), Green, T. (Creator), Burke, M. (Creator), Perriman, A. W. (Creator), Jakimowicz, M. (Creator), Carter, B. (Creator) & Deller, R. (Creator), University of Bristol, 30 Jul 2015


kMC paper

May, P. W. (Creator), Harvey, J. (Creator), Rodgers, J. (Creator) & Allan, N. L. (Creator), University of Bristol, 18 May 2015


Effects of aeroelastic tailoring on performance characteristics of wind turbine systems

Weaver, P. M. (Creator), Langston, D. (Creator), Scott, S. J. (Creator), Pirrera, A. (Creator), Capuzzi, M. (Creator), Bossanyi, E. (Contributor) & McCann, G. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 20 Jun 2017


Generation of random numbers by measuring on a silicon-on-insulator chip phase fluctuations from a laser diode

Raffaelli, F. (Creator), Sibson, P. (Creator), Kennard, J. E. (Creator), Mahler, D. H. (Creator), Thompson, M. G. (Creator), Matthews, J. C. F. (Creator) & Matthews, J. C. F. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 13 Jun 2018


Pneumococcal serotypes colonise the nasopharynx in children at different densities

Sikora-Liszka, P. (Creator), Danon, L. (Creator), Finn, A. H. R. (Creator), Morales-Aza, M. B. (Creator) & Rodrigues, F. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 15 Sep 2016