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Data for Ply-orientation measurements in composites using structure-tensor analysis

Hughes, R. R. (Creator), Xie, N. (Creator), Mienczakowski, M. (Creator), Smith, R. A. (Creator), Mhlanga, S. (Creator), Fraij, C. (Creator), Boumda, R. T. (Creator) & Nelson, L. (Creator), University of Bristol, 12 Oct 2017


Data from: Cambrian sessile, suspension feeding stem-group ctenophores and evolution of the comb jelly body plan.

Zhao, Y. (Creator), Vinther, J. (Creator), Parry, L. A. (Creator), Wei, F. (Creator), Green, E. (Creator), Pisani, D. (Creator), Hou, X. (Creator), Edgecombe, G. D. (Creator), Cong, P. (Creator) & Vinther, J. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 7 Feb 2019