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Genome-wide association study of emotion recognition

Mahedy, L. (Creator), Suddell, S. (Creator), Skirrow, C. (Creator), Wootton, R. E. (Creator), Fernandes, G. S. (Creator), Heron, J. E. (Creator), Field, M. (Creator), Hickman, M. (Creator), Munafo, M. R. (Creator) & Munafo, M. R. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 5 Mar 2020


SPHERE ADL ontology

Woznowski, P. (Creator), Dr Rachel King, U. O. R. (Contributor) & Holley, A. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 7 Mar 2016


Data from PATH trial (03-2018)

Lacesso, P. (Creator), Feder, G. S. (Creator) & Ferrari, G. (Creator), University of Bristol, 4 Mar 2018


Genome-wide association study of facial emotion recognition in children and association with polygenic risk for mental health disorders

Munafo, M. R. (Creator), Coleman, J. (Creator), Reed, Z. E. (Creator), Lester, K. (Contributor), Keers, R. (Contributor), Breen, G. (Contributor) & Eley, T. (Contributor), University of Bristol, 4 Nov 2019


Data from: Cambrian sessile, suspension feeding stem-group ctenophores and evolution of the comb jelly body plan.

Zhao, Y. (Creator), Vinther, J. (Creator), Parry, L. A. (Creator), Wei, F. (Creator), Green, E. (Creator), Pisani, D. (Creator), Hou, X. (Creator), Edgecombe, G. D. (Creator), Cong, P. (Creator) & Vinther, J. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 7 Feb 2019



Zhang, F. (Creator) & Papadopoulos, M. A. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 14 Jan 2015