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Generation of random numbers by measuring on a silicon-on-insulator chip phase fluctuations from a laser diode

Raffaelli, F. (Creator), Sibson, P. (Creator), Kennard, J. E. (Creator), Mahler, D. H. (Creator), Thompson, M. G. (Creator), Matthews, J. C. F. (Creator) & Matthews, J. C. F. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 13 Jun 2018



Andrew, W. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator) & Greatwood, C. (Creator), University of Bristol, 10 Oct 2017


IEEE-UFFC Data from NDT of Composites Fellowship (10-2017)

Smith, R. A. (Creator), Mhlanga, S. (Creator), Nelson, L. (Creator), Boumda, R. T. (Creator), Fraij, C. (Creator), Mienczakowski, M. (Creator), Hughes, R. R. (Creator) & Xie, N. (Creator), University of Bristol, 3 Oct 2017


Keeping pace with your eating: Visual feedback affects eating rate in humans

Bosworth, M. (Creator), Bosworth, M. (Contributor), Brunstrom, J. (Contributor), Godinot, N. (Contributor), Wilkinson, L. (Contributor), Martin, N. (Contributor), Brunstrom, J. M. (Contributor), Rogers, P. (Contributor) & Ferriday, D. (Data Manager), University of Bristol, 11 Mar 2015