A comprehensive and synthetic dataset for global, regional and national greenhouse gas emissions by sector 1970-2018 with an extension to 2019

  • Jan C. Minx (Creator)
  • William F. Lamb (Creator)
  • Robbie M. Andrew (Creator)
  • Josep G. Canadell (Creator)
  • Monica Crippa (Creator)
  • Niklas Döbbeling (Creator)
  • Piers Forster (Creator)
  • DIego Guizzardi (Creator)
  • Jos Olivier (Creator)
  • Julia Pongratz (Creator)
  • Andy Reisinger (Creator)
  • Matthew L Rigby (Creator)
  • Glen Peters (Creator)
  • Marielle Saunois (Creator)
  • Steven J. Smith (Creator)
  • Efisio Solazzo (Creator)
  • Hanqin Tian (Creator)



Comprehensive and reliable information on anthropogenic sources of greenhouse gas emissions is required to track progress towards keeping warming well below 2°C as agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. Here we provide a dataset on anthropogenic GHG emissions 1970-2019 with a broad country and sector coverage. We build the dataset from recent releases from the “Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research” (EDGAR) for CO<sub>2</sub> emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industry (FFI), CH<sub>4</sub> emissions, N<sub>2</sub>O emissions, and fluorinated gases and use a well-established fast-track method to extend this dataset from 2018 to 2019. We complement this with information on net CO<sub>2</sub> emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) from three available bookkeeping models.
Date made available25 Apr 2022

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