A new Changhsingian (Lopingian) brachiopod fauna of the shallow-water clastic-shelf facies from Fujian Province, southeastern China

  • Huiting Wu (Contributor)
  • Yang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Thomas Stubbs (Contributor)
  • Jingqi Liu (Contributor)
  • Yuanlin Sun (Contributor)



Although much attention has been paid to Changhsingian brachiopods in South China, there are only two Chinese studies, published in 1979 and 1990, on Changhsingian brachiopods from the southeastern part of South China. Based on systematically collected fossil material, this paper describes and quantitatively analyses a Changhsingian brachiopod fauna from the Luokeng Formation at the Hongtian section, Fujian Province, southeastern China, for the first time. Among the brachiopods (30 species in 18 genera) described and illustrated,Cathaysia yongdingensis Liao and an endemic genus of South China (Qinglongia) are reported in English for the first time. Two new species,Neochonetes(Sommeriella)longaand Neochonetes(Sommeriella)transversa,are also proposed. The Hongtian fauna is mainly composed of Cathaysia (29.4%),Neochonetes (19.3%), Linoproductus(13.5%), Orthothetina(11.7%), and is correlated with the brachiopod fauna from the lower part of the Luokeng Formation in Fujian Province.
Date made available19 Jun 2020

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