Additional file 1 of Investigating causal relations between sleep duration and risks of adverse pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: linear and nonlinear Mendelian randomization analyses



Additional file 1: Table S1. Results extracted from recent systematic reviews. Table S2. Key characteristics of GWAS of self-report sleep duration. Table S3. SNP list and female-specific effect estimates of sleep duration SNPs identified in UK Biobank. Table S4. Definitions of outcomes. Table S5. Details of UKB women by sleep duration groups in one-sample MR. Table S6. Characteristics of the women in MoBa by sleep duration categories. Table S7. Associations of 78 SNPs with sleep duration and with outcomes in UKB, ALSPAC, BiB, and MoBa. Table S8. Two-sample MR estimates for causal effects of sleep duration on the outcomes. Table S9. MVreg associations of self-reported sleep duration categories with the outcomes in MoBa.
Date made available2022

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