Additional file 2: Table S1 Relationships where bi-directional MR was performed due to unclear temporal ordering. Table S2 Relationships investigated. Table S3 Replication consortia and studies. Table S4 Genetic correlation results. Table S5 Primary analysis (IVW). Table S6 Negative control results. Table S7 Heterogeneity for primary analysis. Table S8 Additional MR methods in relation to primary analysis. Table S9 Egger intercept test for the primary analysis. Table S10 I-squared statistics. Table S11 MR PRESSO Global test for primary analysis. Table S12 MR PRESSO Outlier correction for primary analysis. Table S13 Steiger results for the primary analysis. Table S14 Steiger: SNPs found to be in the incorrect intended for the primary analysis direction. Table S15 Steiger filtered MR results for the primary analysis. Table S16 Split sample SNPs, R2, F stats and number of overlapping SNPs. Table S17 Split sample GWAS overlapping SNPs between samples. Table S18 IVW UKBB split sample results. Table S19 UKBB meta-analysed split sample results. Table S20 Replication SNPs, R2 and F stats. Table S21 IVW UKBB and replication results. Table S22 MRlap number of SNPs. Table S23 MRlap observed and corrected results. Table S24 MVMR findings adjusted for childhood body size (UK Biobank).
Date made available24 Mar 2022

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