AssenSAR Image Simulator

  • Igor Rizaev (Creator)
  • Alin Achim (Creator)
  • Oktay Karakus (Contributor)



This software implements a simulation framework for SAR imagery of the sea surface, which includes the superposition of sea waves and ship wakes. The methodology is based on well-proven concepts: the linear theory of sea surface modelling, Michell thin-ship theory for Kelvin wake modelling, and ocean SAR imaging theory. The modelling of the sea surface is based on the sea wave spectrum. A two-scale model is used to simulate intensity SAR images of disturbed sea surface with Kelvin wakes, including tilt and hydrodynamic modulations, while the velocity bunching model is also employed. SAR image simulator includes different parameters, such as the wind speed and direction, fetch length (sea state factors), ship parameters, platform parameters (airborne and satellite SAR platforms), and SAR scanning parameters, all of which contribute to the visualization of sea waves and ship wakes in SAR images.
Date made available2 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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