Atmosphere of HAT-P-41b Revealed - Supplemental Figures

  • N. K. Lewis (Creator)
  • Hannah R Wakeford (Contributor)
  • R. J. MacDonald (Contributor)
  • J. M. Goyal (Contributor)
  • J. Barstow (Contributor)



Supplemental Figures for 'Into the UV: The Atmosphere of the Hot Jupiter HAT-P-41b Revealed" (Lewis et al. 2020, ApJL 902:L19).

Contains retrieval posteriors, spectra, abundances, comparisons between retrieved pressure-temperature profiles, and the lightcurve analysis for Hubble's WFC3 G141 data of HAT-P-41b. These figures support the analysis of HAT-P-41b's atmosphere presented in the main manuscript.
Date made available8 Oct 2020

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