Auxiliary files and data to generate eddy flux and validate 2D model for MALTA, v0.1.0



This repository contains the following directories to accompany the manuscript 'A Zonally-Averaged Global Atmospheric Transport Model for Long-lived Trace Gases', submitted to JAMES: 1) GEOSChem This directory contains the run directory template and (slurm) runscript to generate the tracer fields used to generate the eddy fluxes. The GEOSChem model will have to be installed locally to run this, and the run directory built to your local area. It may be easiest to just copy the relevant bits in /Tracer_2D_template/ (i.e., the .rc files, /RestartFiles/, input.geos, and species_database.yml) into a GEOSChem Transport run directory and change the directories in the copied files. If using slurm on an HPC, just change the directories in the script to match that of your own HPC. Else, a different script will have to be written copying the slurm functionality. 2) GEOSChem_SF6 This directory contains the monthly mean SF6 mole fractions generated using GEOSChem used to validate the 2D model MALTA. Emissions come from the EDGAR v4.2 emissions inventory. Emissions after 2008 continue to use 2008 as the emissions value. 3) CFC11_inversion This directory contains the relevant script and files to quantify emissions of CFC-11 using an output from the WACCM 3D model, and compare these to the WACCM emissions used to generate the mole fractions. The directory paths at the beginning of the main script in must be changed to point to the remaining 3 files in the /CFC11_inversion/ directory, and a save directory must be specified, before running locally. MALTA must be installed to run this.
Date made available29 Jun 2023

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