B-Proact1v Year 4 & Year 6 Blood Pressure, BMI & PA dataset



B-Proact1v is a longitudinal study examining changes in children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviours as they progress through primary school. In 2012-2013, 1299 Year 1 children (median age: 6 years) were recruited from 57 schools in greater Bristol, UK (total number of eligible children: 2600; recruitment rate: 50.0%). Following this, data were collected from 1223 Year 4 children (median age: 9 years) from 47 of the original schools between March 2015 and July 2016 (total number of eligible children: 2047; recruitment rate: 59.7%). Between March 2017 and July 2018, 50 of the original schools were re-recruited and data collected from 1296 Year 6 children (median age: 11 years). In total, 2132 children participated, of whom 958 participated at one time-point, 662 at two time-points, and 512 at three time-points. This dataset represents a subset of the B-Proact1v data to examine the prospective associations of children’s body mass index and physical activity at age 9 and 11 with blood pressure at age 11. Included in this repository is the dataset and a data dictionary. The dataset includes the variables that underlie the findings in a manuscript entitled ‘Associations of body mass index, physical activity and sedentary time with blood pressure in primary school children from south-west England: a prospective study’ that has been submitted to PLOS ONE. This dataset has been made available so that future researchers can replicate the study findings using the data. If you wish to use the data for any purpose other than replicating the study findings, please contact the Principal Investigator Professor Russ Jago (russ.jago@bristol.ac.uk) to discuss this.
Date made available4 Feb 2020

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