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The data produced by this project will be behavioural and physiological measures of reactions shown by hens living in different environments. These data will be thermal images, logged physiological and physical condition data, behavioural data recorded on digital video, and results from preference and cognitive bias tests. In line with the BBSRC Statement on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice the above data will be retained for a period of ten years after completion of the project.

Secondary use
We cannot identify immediate opportunities for secondary use, although it is possible that the data could be used in work by others examining the ability of humans to assess animal welfare, or in training welfare assessors. We would be happy to provide data for these purposes.

Methods and timeframe for data sharing
Following publication of our results, or within 3 years of the termination of the grant, whichever is sooner, our data will be made available on request to bona fide researchers. All data will be labelled using systematic filenames for data identification. Behavioural, physiological and physical condition data will be supplied in a standard electronic spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel files) and will be supplied with accompanying metadata describing the history of the birds and the details of the tasks from which the data were obtained. Video footage of behavioural tests will be available electronically in a standard movie format (e.g. MPG files). Thermal image files will be stored as a standard photograph format (e.g. JPEG), suitable for export into most thermal image software packages (e.g. ThermaCam reporter). Data extracted from thermal image files for our studies will be made available in a standard electronic spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel).
Date made available1 Sep 2014
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • animal behaviour
  • animal welfare

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