Beak lengths of young laying hens (pullets) from flocks provided with potential beak-blunting materials and from control flocks

  • Christine Nicol (Creator)
  • Paula Baker (Creator)
  • Claire Weeks (Creator)



Injurious Pecking, commonly controlled by beak trimming (BT) is a widespread issue in laying hens associated with thwarted foraging. This controlled study compared the effect in intact and beak-trimmed pullets of providing pecking pans to 8 treatment flocks from 6 weeks of age. Flocks (mean size 6,843) comprised 8 British Blacktail, 6 Lohmann Brown and 2 Bovans Brown. All young birds (6-7 weeks) pecked more frequently at the pecking pans (mean 40.4) than older pullets (mean 26.0, 23.3 pecks/bird/minute at 10-11 weeks and 14-15 weeks respectively) (p
Date made available28 Feb 2022

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