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Abstract Aims: To identify prognostic biomarker(s) for knee OA in the osteoarthritis initiative (OAI) cohort. Methods: Multilevel regression was used to determine the association of baseline biomarkers and change in biomarker between baseline and 24-months, with clinical and radiographic OA progression over 48 months follow up. Results: Higher values of baseline uCTXII was consistently associated with an increased risk of OA disease progression outcomes:K&L grade (Odds Ratio (OR) 1.15 95% CI (1.03,1.28); medial JSN (OR 1.06 (1.02,1.10)); lateral osteophytes (OR 1.05 (1.01,1.10)); JSW (regression coefficient –0.005 (-0.008,-0.001)); WOMAC pain (OR 1.02 (1.01,1.04)). Changes in sPIIANP and sCOMP over 24 months were associated with clinical disease progression. Conclusion: uCTXII showed stronger associations with radiographic OA and appear to be a reliable prognostic marker while changes in other biomarkers were found in early symptomatic OA supporting the phasic nature of OA.
Date made available25 Apr 2022
PublisherFuture Science Group

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