Bone thin sections of six Alvarezsaurian dinosaurs

  • Congyu Yu (Contributor)
  • Zichuan Qin (Contributor)
  • Fangbo Qin (Contributor)
  • Yin Li (Contributor)



This dataset includes histological thin sections from long bones of six different Alvarezsaurian dinosaurs and labelled primary and secondary osteons.,The dataset was collected based on specimens in the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleonanthropology, Beijing, China. Six alvarezsaurian dinosaur taxa are included as following: Taxa Sampled bones Image number Bannykus wulantensis Fibula 18 Haplocheirus sollers Tibia 28 Qiupanykus zhangi Metatarsal 36 Shishugounykus inexpectus Fibula 29 Xixianykus zhangi Femur, Metatarsal 28+22 Xiyunykus pengi Fibula 13 The image was taken under normal light microscope with resolution of 2576×1936. Labels of primary and secondary were manually labled by all authors.,There are three folders in this dataset: The Raw images folder contains all images categorised by their taxa (e.g. Banykus) and sampling bones (e.g. Fibula). The Sub-images folder contains divided images from raw images except Haplocheirus sollers. Each raw image with a resolution of 2576×1936 is sub-divided into four smaller sub-images with a resolution of 1288×968. The Labels folder contains labeled primary and secondary osteons, the file order corresponds to the Sub-images folder. For deep learning training, users can subdivided this dataset into training and testing sub-dataset as needed.,
Date made available1 Jan 2022

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