BRC coMforT study



coMforT study included 2 phases. In phase 1, we adapted a standard mindfulness programme for depression to fit the special preferences and needs of women who have experienced domestic abuse. At phase 2, we pilot tested the adapted programme with 20 women. coMforT dataset includes study protocol and datasets from phase 1 and 2. Qualitative research data from phase 1 includes table with socio-demographic characteristics of interview participants (professionals and women with a history of domestic abuse), anonymized interview transcripts, and study documentation (participant information sheets, consent forms, case report forms). Research data from phase 2 includes participant information sheets, consent forms, case report forms, quantitative trial dataset with raw data and data dictionary and qualitative dataset of interview transcripts. The produced data have a small risk of re-identification, after use of pseudonyms and removal of direct identifiers.
Date made available19 May 2022
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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