• Katy Burgess (Creator)
  • Peter D Bennett (Creator)
  • Stuart Gray (Creator)
  • Sarah Gedman (Contributor)
  • Shanika Ratnayake (Creator)
  • Zoe Grose (Contributor)
  • Tilo Burghardt (Creator)
  • Otto Brookes (Contributor)
  • Fay Clark (Contributor)
  • Katy Burgess (Contributor)
  • Peter Bennett (Contributor)
  • Stuart Gray (Contributor)
  • Shanika Ratnayake (Contributor)
  • Tilo Burghardt (Contributor)



This MP4 video and JPG image dataset of a troop of 7 western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) filmed at Bristol Zoo Gardens contains around 5k+ facial bounding box and individual gorilla identity annotations. A basic YOLOv3-powered application is able to perform facial identifications at 92% mAP when utilising single frames on the still image data. Tracking-by-detection-association and identity voting across short tracklets in videos yields an improved robust performance at 97% mAP. The github repository provides code and further info to train from scratch with this dataset. When using this dataset please cite the dataset and the paper "A Dataset and Application for Facial Recognition of Individual Gorillas in Zoo Environments" accompanying it available at
Date made available9 Jun 2021
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • animal biometrics
  • facial recognition
  • computer vision
  • great apes

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