British Departmental Documents and Legislation 2000 -- 2020



A dataset of sentences from British legislation ('leg') and the documents of 12 central departments ('cabinet_office', 'DCMS', 'DE', 'DEFRA', 'DHSC', 'DWP', 'FCO', 'home_office', 'MOD', 'MOH', 'MOJ', 'treasury') produced between 2000 and 2020. For each JSON object, each key corresponds to legislation or a department and each value is a tuple where the first element is a document title and the second element is a sentence from the document referred to by the title. Files titled by year (e.g. 2003.json) contain sentences from documents published during title year. merged.json contains sentences from all years of publication. The documents from which this dataset was constructed are available from, and
Date made available30 Jul 2023
Date of data production2000 - 2020

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