Data for: Hydraulic model calibration using CryoSat-2 observations in the Zambezi catchment

  • Cécile M. M. Kittel (Creator)
  • Simbidzayi Hatchard (Creator)
  • Jeff Neal (Creator)
  • Karina Nielsen (Creator)
  • Paul D Bates (Creator)
  • Peter Bauer-Gottwein (Creator)



This directory contains the data used for the manuscript: 
Kittel, C.M.M., Hatchard, S., Neal, J.C., Nielsen, K., Bates, P.D., Bauer-Gottwein, P. (2021) 
Hydraulic model calibration using CryoSat-2 observations in the Zambezi catchment

This folder contains the CryoSat-2 observations used for calibrating the hydrodynamic model, including runoff
simulations at time of observation for each model catchment used to force the model.

This folder contains the files necessary to run the rainfall-runoff model for the Zambezi catchment used
to force the hydrodynamic model. The model source code is published as part of the GlobWetland-Africa 
QGIS toolbox.
This folder also contains a stand-alone script to run the model for the Zambezi using the subsets of calibrated
parameters found in the subfolder "Parameters".

This folder contains the synthetic parameters used to produce the synthetic observations pertubed by 
uncertainties of 3, 20 and 40 cm.

This folder contains the catchment characteristics used to run the LISFLOOD-FP models of the subreaches included
in the study. The files are ASCII files of the channel width, slope, bed elevation and channel roughness
as obtained in the calibration. 
13 - Upper Zambezi
14 - Kabompo
134 - Lungwebungo
101 - Kafue
99 - Luangwa
Please refer to the LISFLOOD-FP manual for further details on the file format and model setup:

S3 Time series: 
Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B WSE time series used to evaluate performance of the hydraulic model.
Date made available4 Jun 2021

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