Data from Moody et al. (2024) The nature of the Last Universal Common Ancestor and its impact on the early Earth system. Nature Ecology and Evolution

  • Edmund R R Moody (Creator)
  • Sandra Alvarez Carretero (Creator)
  • Tara A. Mahendrarajah (Creator)
  • James W. Clark (Creator)
  • Holly C. Betts (Creator)
  • Nina Dombrowski (Creator)
  • Lenard Szantho (Creator)
  • Richard Boyle (Creator)
  • Stuart Daines (Creator)
  • Xi Chen (Creator)
  • Nick Lane (Creator)
  • Ziheng Yang (Creator)
  • Graham A. Shields (Creator)
  • Gergely J. Szöllősi (Creator)
  • Anja Spang (Creator)
  • Davide Pisani (Creator)
  • Tom Williams (Creator)
  • Tim Lenton (Creator)
  • Philip Donoghue (Creator)



This dataset contains ALE reconciliations output as .uml_rec files, as well as all data associated with the timetree inference (see below for a detailed explanation).
Date made available4 Jun 2024
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • Palaeobiology

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