Data from 'Planktic foraminiferal test size and weight response to the late Pliocene environment'

  • C. L. Todd (Creator)
  • D. N. Schmidt (Creator)
  • M.M. Robinson (Creator)
  • S. de Schepper (Creator)
  • Daniela N Schmidt (Data Manager)



To interpret any changes in size normalised weight at Site 999, we used Micro-Computer Tomography (µCT) to measure changes in thickness and calcite on each specimen of Globigerinoides ruber.

Planktic foraminiferal assemblage size of Site 999 and U1313 determined through the analysis of community size generated by automated microscopy.
Date made available20 Dec 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • Palaeobiology
  • planktic foraminifera
  • carbon dioxide
  • climate change
  • calcification
  • Pliocene

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