Data from Psarras et al. 2023. Three-dimensional reconstruction, taphonomic and petrological data suggest the oldest record of bioturbation is a body fossil coquina. Papers in Palaeontology

  • Christos Psarras (Creator)
  • Philip C J Donoghue (Creator)
  • Russell J Garwood (Creator)
  • Dmitriy V Grazhdankin (Creator)
  • Luke A Parry (Creator)
  • Vladimir Rogov (Creator)
  • Alex G S C Liu (Creator)
  • Philip C J Donoghue (Data Manager)



This dataset contains an X-Ray microtomographic dataset based on a rock sample containing specimens of Nenoxites from the late Ediacaran Khatyspyt Formation of
Arctic Siberia
Date made available2 Aug 2023
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • Palaeobiology

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