Data from TARGET cohort study (subset)



The NIHR 'TARGET' Programme for Applied Research started in 2010 and completed in April 2016.

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in children present a major problem to health care services internationally. The overall aim of the Programme was to improve the quality of care given to children presenting to primary care with RTIs.

The Programme consisted of five Workstreams (WS) using mixed methods to: review existing data in WS1; explore the experiences of parents and clinicians in WS2; develop a clinical prediction rule to predict future hospitalisation for RTI in WS3; integrate the evidence found in WS1-3 in WS(t), which led to developing an intervention to improve the targeting of antibiotics and parental health seeking behaviour for children with RTIs; evaluated in WS4. Further details about the Programme can be found on the target CAPC website, including all published papers (up until April 2016):
Date made available2 Apr 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bristol

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