Data from: Taxonomic reassessment of Clevosaurus latidens Fraser, 1993 (Lepidosauria, Rhynchocephalia) and rhynchocephalian phylogeny based on parsimony and Bayesian inference



The Late Triassic rhynchocephalian Clevosaurus latidens Fraser, 1993 is known from the fissure deposits of Cromhall Quarry, England. Many studies have questioned its referral to the genus Clevosaurus and some phylogenetic analyses suggest a close relationship with herbivorous rhynchocephalians. We reexamine the type specimens and referred material of C. latidens to elucidate its taxonomic identity. Additionally, we provide new phylogenetic analyses of the Rhynchocephalia using both parsimony and Bayesian approaches. Our taxonomic review and both phylogenetic analyses reveal that C. latidens is not referable to Clevosaurus, but represents a new genus. We reassess C. latidens and provide an amended diagnosis for the new genus Fraserosphenodon gen. nov. Both parsimony and Bayesian analyses recover similar topologies and we propose formal names for two higher clades within Rhynchocephalia: Eusphenodontia and Neosphenodontia.,Phylogenetic analysis Supplementary Data SetThis file includes the complete results of the phylogenetic analysis including the character matrix, ACCTRAN and DELTRAN optimizations and the scripts used in each,
Date made available12 Oct 2017

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