Data of smoothed particle hydrodynamic giant impact simulations for the paper "A super-massive Neptune-sized planet"



This dataset contains data from the article: L. Naponiello et al. 2023 "A super-massive Neptune-sized planet". DOI: The dataset comprises initial conditions and final snapshots of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations selected in the paper. All the simulations were performed using SWIFT with initial condtions generated using WoMa. The planets are modeled with forsterite core (see Link), water middle layer (see link), and H&He mixture atmosphere top layer (see link). We simulated three different pre-impact compositions: water-rich by mass (22.5 % rock, 67.5 % water, 10 % H/He), equal rock and water (45 % rock, 45 % water, 10 % H/He), and rock-rich (67.5 % rock, 22.5 % water, 10 % H/He). These are located in the "" file under the folders "water rich", "equal_water_rock", and "rock_rich", respectively. In each simulation subfolder, "snapshot_0000.hdf5" is the initial condition file, where the target and impactor are separated by a distance that allows contact to occur 1 hour after the start of the simulation. "snapshot_00xx.hdf5" is the final snapshot of that simulation, where "xx" is the simulation time in hours. For example, "snapshot_0015.hdf5" is the snapshot taken after 15 hours of the simulation.
Date made available2023

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