Dataset for "Strategies for Deposition of LaFeO3 Photocathodes: Improving Photocurrent with a Polymer Template"

  • Emma Freeman (Creator)
  • Santosh Kumar (Creator)
  • Verónica Celorrio (Creator)
  • Min Su Park (Creator)
  • Jong Hak Kim (Creator)
  • David J Fermin (Creator)
  • Salvador Eslava (Creator)



LaFeO3 (LFO) has been shown to be an active photocathode for solar water splitting on illumination of visible light, but is restricted by low surface area and relatively low photocurrents achieved. The work herein utilizes a variety of different film deposition methods for LFO photocathodes. Doctor blading of LFO powders (LFO-A), milling and exfoliation of LFO powders deposited by spray pyrolysis (LFO-B), deposition of LFO nitrate precursors by spray pyrolysis (LFO-C) and spin coating of LFO nitrates with a polymer template (Triton X-100) (LFO-D). This dataset includes characterisation of these LFO films including, XRD, XPS, photoelectrochemical measurements and electronic impedance spectroscopy measurements. Datasets are also included from those incorporated within the supplementary information.
Date made available26 Nov 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production3 Oct 2016 - 1 Oct 2019

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