Dataset for "The effect of acute citalopram on self-referential emotional processing and social cognition in healthy volunteers"

  • Katie Hobbs (Creator)
  • Susannah E Murphy (Creator)
  • Lucy Wright (Creator)
  • James Carson (Creator)
  • Indra Van Assche (Creator)
  • Jessica O'Brien (Creator)
  • Mayowa Oyesanya (Creator)
  • Jie Sui (Creator)
  • Marcus R Munafo (Creator)
  • David S Kessler (Creator)
  • Catherine J Harmer (Creator)
  • Katherine Button (Creator)



This dataset is for a study examining whether acute administration of citalopram is associated with an increase in positive affective learning biases about the self and increases in prosocial behaviour. 41 healthy volunteers were randomised to either an acute 20 mg dose of citalopram (n = 20) or matched placebo (n = 21) in a between-subjects double-blind design. Participants completed computer-based cognitive tasks designed to measure referential affective processing, social cognition and expression of prosocial behaviours. This included a prisoners' dilemma task, the social evaluation learning task, a referential categorisation and recall task, an affective go/no-go association task and simple associative learning tasks. Participants also completed trait measures of mood and personality at baseline, and state measures of mood and side effects at baseline, post-drug and post-testing timepoints. Data for all questionnaire and cognitive task measures are included in this dataset in both raw and aggregated formats.
Date made available30 Sept 2020
PublisherUniversity of Bath
Date of data production23 Oct 2019 - 9 Mar 2020
Geographical coverageOxford, UK

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