Drosophila-parasitoid interactions along an elevation gradient in an Australian rainforest, 2016

  • Christopher T. Jeffs (Creator)
  • J.C.D. Terry (Contributor)
  • Megan Higgie (Creator)
  • A. Jandová (Creator)
  • H. Konvičková (Creator)
  • J.J. Brown (Contributor)
  • C-H Lue (Creator)
  • M. Schiffer (Creator)
  • Eleanor K O'Brien (Contributor)
  • J. Bridle (Contributor)
  • J. Hrček (Creator)
  • Owen T. Lewis (Contributor)



The dataset contains records of Drosophila flies and associated parasitic wasps collected along two elevational (temperature) gradients from Australian rainforest site. The data is presented at the individual Drosophila pupae level. It describes patterns of parasitism levels from 14 sites and the structure of quantitative food webs at six sites. Also included are temperature records from each site.,All samples were collected and identified by the authors. Host pupae were collected using replicated baited bottle traps at each site. Species were identified using a combination of multiplex PCR, DNA metabarcoding and Sanger sequencing described in the associated paper (https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.07.21.213678), with reference to morphologically identified voucher specimens collected from the same site.,
Date made available28 Aug 2020
PublisherNatural Environment Research Council
Date of data production1 Mar 2016 - 30 Apr 2016

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