Extruded finite element models: a case study using early mammal jaws

  • Nuria Morales Garcia (Creator)
  • Thomas D Burgess (Creator)
  • Jennifer J Hill (Creator)
  • Emily J Rayfield (Creator)



Finite element models of early mammal jaws. Abaqus models as well as stress and strain spreadsheet results.

Data from: Nuria Melisa Morales-García, Thomas D. Burgess, Jennifer J. Hill, Pamela G. Gill and Emily J. Rayfield. The use of extruded finite element models as a novel alternative to tomography-based models: a case study using early mammal jaws. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.
Date made available29 Nov 2019
PublisherUniversity of Bristol


  • FEA
  • Palaeobiology
  • Biomechanics

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