Family lineage and landscape quality data for wild bumblebee colonies across an agricultural landscape in Buckinghamshire, U.K.

  • Claire Carvell (Creator)
  • Andrew F G Bourke (Creator)
  • S. Dreier (Zoological Society of London) (Creator)
  • Stephen N Freeman (Creator)
  • Sarah Hulmes (Creator)
  • William C Jordan (Creator)
  • John W. Redhead (Creator)
  • Jinliang Wang (Creator)
  • S. Sumner (Creator)
  • Matthew S Heard (Creator)



Family lineage relationships between spring queens, daughter workers and sister queens of three bumblebee species (Bombus terrestris, B. lapidarius and B. pascuorum) collected across the Hillesden Estate, Buckinghamshire, UK, between spring 2011 and spring 2012. A combination of land-use and habitat surveys, molecular genetics and spatial modelling was used to estimate the locations of wild colonies represented by greater than 1 worker and to calculate the proportions of cover represented by different habitat quality and land-use variables within four spatial scales from each colony location. Data were collected as part of a project led by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, funded under the Insect Pollinators Initiative.
Date made available7 Jul 2016
PublisherNERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre
Geospatial polygon49.864, 1.768, 60.861, -8.648

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