Footwall Relief Measurements for faults in the Zomba Graben, Malawi

  • Luke Wedmore (Creator)
  • Manon Carpenter (Creator)
  • Jack N. Williams (University of Otago) (Creator)
  • Juliet J Biggs (Creator)
  • Åke Fagereng (Creator)
  • Felix Mphepo (Creator)
  • Hassan Mdala (Creator)
  • Zuze Dulanya (Creator)
  • Blackwell Manda (Creator)



Footwall releif measurements for faults in the Zomba Graben Malawi. Footwall relief was measured every 1 km along strike using stacked profiles of TanDEM-X topographic data that had been sampled every 100 m along strike. We measured the difference in elevation between the highest point on the footwall within 3 km of the fault surface trace, and the elevation of the fault itself.

#1 - Longitude

#2 - Latitude

#3 - Footwall Relief (m)

#4 - Uncertainty (m)
Date made available6 Nov 2022

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