Global and regional glacier mass changes from 1961 to 2016



Supplementary data tables with the results from Zemp et al. (2019) entitled "Global glacier mass changes and their contributions to sea-level rise from 1961 to 2016", Nature:

Data Tables 1a-t | Temporal variabilities for glaciological clusters based on variance decomposition model. Annual results are made available as csv-files for all 20 cluster:

Data Tables 2a-t | Regional and global mass balance and mass change results from 1961-2016. Annual results are made available as csv-files for all 19 regions (cf. RGI 6.0) as well as for the global sum:

Data Table 3 | Glacier mass changes for Central Europe from 1961-2016. Annual results as in Data Table 2 but with examples for multi-year error calculations are made available as Excel-file: Zemp_etal_results_region-CEU_errorcalcs.xlsx

Note: The corresponding full sample of glaciological and geodetic observations for individual glaciers are publicly available from the World Glacier Monitoring Service:

Version 1.1
This version provides the results from the glaciological clusters (Data Tables 1a-t) as used by Zemp et al. (2019). In addition, it contains corrected results for region Iceland (Data Table 2, region_6_ISL) and correspondingly for the global sum (Data Table 2, global); the results for the other regions remain unchanged. For more details on the correction of the regional results for Iceland, see Zemp et al. (2019, Nature), Author Correction.

Version 1.0
Data tables containing the results for the 20 glaciological clusters (Data Tables 1a-t) as well as for the 19 regions and global sums (Data Tables 2a-t) related to the publication by Zemp et al. (2019, Nature). We note that this version erroneously contains pre-release versions of results for most of the glaciological clusters that were not used in Zemp et al. (2019, Nature).
Date made available29 Nov 2019

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