Grounding zone location across Antarctica from CryoSat-2 radar altimetry 2010-2017



This dataset provides a map of the Antarctic grounding zone. The map is assembled using CryoSat-2 satellite radar altimetry data spanning between 2010-2017. This dataset provides both the limit of tidal flexure (point F) and hydrostatic equilibrium (point H) of the grounding zone. Funding was provided by the NERC grant NE/N011511/1.,See referenced publication for details.,Instrumentation: Data was collected using the CryoSat-2 spaceborne interferometric radar altimeter. See referenced publication for further details.,The data were derived at a 1 km posting. Lines are discontinuous and overall approximately 41% of the grounding zone of the larger floating ice shelves and outlet glaciers in Antarctica have been mapped.,
Date made available20 Aug 2019
PublisherBritish Antarctic Survey


  • Grounding line
  • Grounding zone

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