H2020 ENODISE: UR3 Aeroacoustic processing Configuration A1

  • Mancinelli Matteo (Creator)
  • Falsi Michele (Creator)
  • Meloni Stefano (Creator)
  • Camussi Roberto (Creator)
  • Ismaeel Zaman (Creator)



This database encompasses post-processing results derived from experiments conducted at the University of Bristol, specifically focusing on configuration A1. In this research, two distinct boundary layer thicknesses were taken into account, with an analysis comparing the performance of 3-bladed and 5-bladed propellers. The freestream velocity maintained a constant value of 20 m/s, and the chosen advance ratio (J) spanned the range of [0.56, 0.98]. The dataset includes information such as the Overall Sound Pressure Level, Haystacking Maps, and Spectra Scaling. These metrics are provided for four different scenarios, each involving variations in the number of blades and boundary layer thickness.
Date made available2023

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