Historical and modelled renewable energy production for India

  • Kieran Hunt (Creator)
  • Hannah Bloomfield (Creator)



This archive contains all the datasets produced for the paper "Quantifying renewable energy potential and realised capacity in India: opportunities and challenges". Improved metadata to follow shortly. Data Description Figure/Table File Name Dates Valid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installed capacity by type Table 1 installed-by-state-oct2022.csv Oct 2022 in each state All-India installed capacity Figure 2 tabulated-installed-by-date.csv 2017-2023 by type Hourly wind capacity factor Figure 4 wind capacity factor.zip 1979-2022 Hourly solar capacity factor Figure 6 solar capacity factor.zip 1979-2022 Present-day installation locations Figure 11 OSM [hydropower,wind turbine,solar] Mar 2022 installations.geojson Gridded 1◦×1◦ estimate of Figure 12a/13a CEA 1x1 gridded installed [wind,solar] cap.nc May 2021 installed wind/solar capacity Gridded 1◦×1◦ estimate of Figure 12b TWP 1x1 gridded installed wind cap.nc May 2021 installed wind Gridded 1◦×1◦ estimate of Figure 13b K21 1x1 gridded installed solar cap.nc Sep 2018 installed solar Reported daily wind/solar/hydro Figure 14/S3 POSOCO reported [wind,solar,hydro] MU daily.csv 2012-2023 production Modelled ‘historical’ production Figure 14/16/S4a/b modelled-historical-[daily,hourly]- 1979-2022 renewable output.nc Recommended locations for new Figure 17 areas-for-exploration.nc - wind/solar installations
Date made available13 Apr 2023

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